The aim of the podcast is to make you think about your leadership and add value to your journey with amazing guests, discussing their unique leadership perspectives, and sharing personal stories of inspiration and motivation.

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Talk about dream guests, for this episode, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Joe Foster the founder of the global sports brand REEBOK.

After hearing Joe had launched his book SHOE MAKER in Oct 2020 I got in touch and then it didn’t take me long to listen via Audible. I had to break my 20minute rule because as Joe started to talk, his story is captivating and I didn’t want to limit the time he had to share his story plus thoughts about leadership.

Best episodes of 2020

Episode 24 with Garry Ridge, who is the Chairman and CEO of WD-40 Company and Culture Leadership Architect.

Episode 16 with a good friend of mine, David Wilcock, who is currently the head of sales and development at Abbeydale food group limited.

Episode 23 with Stephanie Romiszewski – Expert Sleep Physiologist and Founder of Sleepyhead Clinic, academic sleep researcher, public and media speaking including BBC, Channel 4, Sky and corporate work.

Episode 29 with Professor Damian Hughes – an international speaker and bestselling author, who combines his practical and academic background within sport, organisational development and change psychology, to help organisations and teams to create a high performing culture.

Episode 32 with Rory Underwood.  Rory is probably best known for his international rugby career. Not only for scoring a record 49 tries for England (85 caps, 1984-1996) but also for winning 7 caps for the British Lions touring Australia (1989) and New Zealand (1993)

Episode 10 with James Dutton, a Director at DRP based in London and the South of England, specialising in construction and property consultancy.

Episode 21 with Marianne Haynes, a professional Violinist and string arranger, key aspects of being a violinist, other than the actual playing, are to work closely & intensely with other musicians and featured artists. 

Episode 4 with Sean O’Neill, CEO of the Adore Group where he runs multiple successful businesses. As well as his day job in the boardroom, he is also a well respected mentor and public speaker.

Episode 13 with Matt Bennett, CEO of DRB Group, he has amazing stories to tell and really encapsulates the reason why I started this podcast in the first place.

Episode 7 with Kath Jones, CEO of THINK Wine Group and We Are Social Nation in Liverpool.

Our Guests

Greg Bateman

Professional Rugby Player for Newport Gwent Dragons

Dawn Tolcher

Managing Director of Tranmere Rovers Football Club

Joe Foster

Founder of Reebok

Holly Moore

Founder and CEO of Make Events

David Marquet

Retired US Navy Captain and author of Turn the Ship Around!


Golden Nuggets of Information

When I listen to a podcast, it takes up quite a bit of my time over the weeks and months.  I’m always looking for what sort of return I’m going to get from listening to them.  This one is great and there is so much bite size knowledge that’s super practical.  If you’re in business, then this is a great podcast to learn for sure.


Engaging and Inspiring!

I’m so intrigued and interested by the drivers and motivators that stimulate entrpreneurs and business owners on their journeys… so often it involves courage, inner belief and a leap of faith, which I find so inspiring and this podcast captures a wide variety of experiences through extremely engaging story telling.  Definitely woth 20 minutes of my time very week!


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